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Safety Fences
Our Pool Safety Fence is highly rated and A.S.T.M certified to meet the strict Florida Barrier code requirements. It is made with the strongest available Quad Core aluminium Safety Fence Poles and our Mesh fencing is UV Protected, strong and Ultra transparent. All of our installation hardware is stainless steel so you can be sure our Pool Fence will not rust or corrode!
Our pool safety fencing is designed to provide you with the strongest materials and long-lasting protection with little to no maintenance.
Our pool fences are professionally installed to follow pool contours, as well as patio and lawns.
Swimming pool fences installed by Pool Guard include a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY that provides protection against manufacturer defects on material, parts and installation. 
Pool Fencing Features: 
  • Manufactured in 15 foot increments, with a pole every 3 feet
  • Standard height is 4 feet (custom heights available)
  • Stainless steel latches, eyelets and screws to prevent rusting
  • Rubberized, crack-proof caps
  • Variety of colors
  • Rip proof
  • Fade resistant
  • Mildew resistant
  • Shrink proof
  • Made in the USA

Did you know our pool fences have the first mesh ever manufactured solely for pool safety fence use? Premium interlock mesh comes in six colors and several combinations of colors to match your décor. In addition, it offers excellent see-through visibility in all colors.
Engineered to provide maximum strength, these spaced 36" apart on each section. Poles are available in standard aluminum finish, or an upgrade option of black, white, beige, bronze, sand, silver, and forest green.
Our custom designed, high impact, non-conductive sleeves pass the national electric code and will not corrode.
Upon completion we will install matching deck caps that insert into the sleeves when the pool fencing is taken down.  Deck caps are available in beige, white or gray. 
Our pool fence safety latches are made of stainless steel so they will not rust or corrode and will last under any conditions.
Nets & Covers
Independently tested and certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM). Pool Guard pool safety nets meet most state pool barrier codes.
All our pool net covers and solid covers:
Are made of 4mm thick polyethylene with maximum UV stabilized inhibitors to resist fading, deterioration, and shrinkage.
Use Marine grade stainless steel clips to hold the net to its respective anchors.
Come with a series of pulleys and ratchets that make them easy for the average adult to remove and reinstall. We also offer an optional PVC net roller for safe storage when not in use.
Allow you to have a choice of brass or high impact plastic anchors.
Your pool safety net installation will be completed only by technicians who have gone through an intensive certification program to meet our strict standards.
Our efficient, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and computer-aided-design allows us to build in quality without building in more cost. Our manufacturing process allows us to minimize waste resulting in a savings to you and making Pool Guard a “green conscious” company.
Self Closing Gates
Its patent-pending, one-piece design allows for optimum functionality, utilizes a self-latching, removable key-locking feature and is offered in the same variety of color combinations to match our pool fences.
Unlike other gates on the market, Pool Guard of Northeast Florida’s Self-Closing Gate doesn’t rely on tension to operate correctly.  Its framing system allows the gate to stand alone and always stay within adjustment.  In addition, our self-closing gate can be retrofitted to work with your existing pool fence!